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Vanilla & Mango Whipped “Cream” With Berries

IMG_1467Having gotten home quite late, I needed to eat something before bed but I didn’t want anything to filling as it’s not good for your body to go to bed on a full stomach. I decided to make a superfood snack with some random ingredients and goodness, can I just tell you how amazing it came out?! This was a total mistake, but a delicious one at that, so naturally I had to share this tastiness with you. It’s very, very simple to make and is the perfect bedtime snack, dessert, or pick me up in the day. Read more

My Top Workout Tips

Do you get on the treadmill or cross trainer for an hour? Drive to the gym in order to jog for 30 minutes? Are you scared to lift weights because you think you’ll get bulky? Read more

How To Make Kale Chips

Read more

Your Questions Answered

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This Pig Eats Better Than You!

After purusing youtube I randomly stumbled across this video and couldn`t get enough of it!

Have a look and definitely take note on many of the products mentioned. I will do another post next week on each thing in particular to talk about the benefits of the superfoods.